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China to Provide Better Foreign-Related Legal Services

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China is speeding up construction of a team of legal professionals to deal with foreign-related cases in order to provide better legal services.

Four departments -- the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce and Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council -- co-released a guidance document on January 9 on the nurturing of foreign-related legal talents.

According to the guidance, China will have set up a mature foreign-related legal service mechanism by 2020. The talent pool and range of services are growing, and the quality of service is maturing over the process.

The guidance suggests that the legal team, with a broad international vision, can meet the demands of China¡¯s key development strategies such as the Belt and Road Initiative.

The team would also introduce relevant laws and regulations of China to the rest of the world and boost the international community¡¯s understanding of China, says the guidance.

Complementing China¡¯s ¡°Going Global¡± strategy, the team should be able to provide legal services for Chinese enterprises and citizens in other countries.

It should be involved in the investigation, risk assessment, and prevention and control of Chinese enterprises in foreign-related commercial affairs.

The team, according to the guidance, should conduct pragmatic cooperation with other teams in combating transnational crime, drugs, money laundering, corruption and terrorism.

The five-part guidance touches upon the basic principles, guiding principles, main objectives, major tasks, and major measures in foreign-related legal services.

(By Jiang Xingguang, english.court.gov.cn, 2017-01-10)