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How Do Foreigners Work Legally in China?

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Work Permit System for Foreigners Working in China has been implemented nation-widely since April 1st, 2017 and foreigners may get different permits and certificates from relevant authorities in China compared with previous experience.


In order to work legally in China, foreigners must obtain a work permit firstly and a residence permit based on working in China. The original Foreigner Expert Work Permit and the original Foreigner Employment Permit are no longer issued, and the Foreigner’s Work Permit consolidates the two documents abovementioned. No entities or individuals shall employ foreigners without work permits.


In practice, for the sake of domestic workers, every country will set strict rules for foreigners working in that country. Thus the basic requirements shall be met for foreigners to work in China. For example, the foreigner shall be more than 18 years old, and shall have necessary professional skills and knowledge; the employment of the foreigners shall also be needed in China and will facilitate the development of China’s economy etc.


Generally speaking, to apply a work permit, the employer can submit application online and the authority will have preliminary examination. The authority will then issue a Foreigner’s Work Permit Notice if all the materials are complete and the application is approved. Then the foreigner could apply for a Z or R visa and then can come into China. Within 15 days after the foreigner come into China, he can apply for the work permit online and submit all the materials (paperwork) to the authority. Then the foreigner can get a work permit and a residence permit.


The documents required are:

  • Application form for Foreigner’s Work Permit;

  • Job qualification certificate;

  • Medical Certificate;

  • Employment Contract (which is a very important document during the employment), employment certificate, or government authorization letter;

  • Passport, visa (or valid residence permit if not applied at the foreigner’s home country)

  • Non-criminal record certificate;

  • Diploma of highest education degree;

  • Other documents required by relevant authority.