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A Chinese Tourist Will Be Punished for Smoking in the Airplane of Malaysia

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On January 25th, 2018, a Chinese tourist admitted that he smoked during the flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau in Malaysia. This behavior will be punished with a fine of 6,000 Malaysian Ringgit (about RMB 9,807) or 3 months of imprisonment according to the law of Malaysia.

The case mentioned above is the reflection of Territorial Jurisdiction. It refers to the power of a court over events and persons within the jurisdiction of a particular geographic territory. Territorial jurisdiction is to be distinguished from the nationality Jurisdiction, which is the power of a court to render a judgment concerning persons based on the nationality of the person, wherever they may be. Protective Jurisdiction is the power of a court to render a judgment concerning crimes committed against the interest of the country or their own citizens by foreign citizens outside of their own territory. Universal Jurisdiction is the power of a court to render a judgment concerning some certain crimes which are threatening the peace and security of the whole world.

Territorial jurisdiction is not limited to the territory of a nation. It has been widely acknowledged that the space of a aircraft or a ship is regarded as the extension of a countryí»s territory, which is normally labeled as í░Floating Territoryí▒. As for the case abovementioned, the court of Malaysia hear the case on the basis of Territorial Jurisdiction. So when you are planning to go abroad, youí»d better have a brief understanding of the local law in case of violating the law.