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What¡¯s the divorce by agreement in China?


Couples who want to get divorced in China have two options. The first one is to get divorced by agreement, which means that both parties to a marriage who want to get divorced shall go together in person to a marriage registration administrative organ to go through the application formalities for divorce registration. 

What are the papers to be presented on application for divorce by agreement?


Applicants for divorce by agreement shall present the following testimonials and certificates: Certificate of registered permanent residence; Resident's identification card; Testimonials to legitimate conjugal relation marriage certificate (testimonial to conjugal relation or notarized certificate to conjugal relation) and Voluntary divorce agreement.

What are the contents of Voluntary Divorce Agreement?


A voluntary divorce agreement shall clearly indicate the intent of both parties to divorce of their own free will and the agreements on the bringing up of their children, the financial aid to the party who has difficulty making a living, the disposal of property, the repayment of debts and the arrangement for housing etc.

What¡¯s the divorce by litigation?


If either of the parties to a marriage does not want to get divorced or both parties cannot reach the voluntary divorce agreement, one party can file a divorce lawsuit against the other to the court, and the court shall deliberate the case and then decide it.