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Private Equity

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In finance, private equity is a type of equity and one of the asset classes consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. A private equity investment will generally be made by a private equity firm, a venture capital firm or an angel investor. Each of these categories of investor has its own set of goals, preferences and investment strategies; however, all of these provide working capital to a target company to nurture expansion, new-product development, or restructuring of the company¡¯s operations, management, or ownership.

Working with us means working with legal teams who have real insight into the private equity sector. We combine market-leading private equity market experience with in-depth tax and regulatory knowledge to give you practical, cost-effective legal advice that you can implement quickly. Our teams of capable and commercially minded lawyers offer advice across the whole spectrum of private equity transactions including fund formation, venture capital, investment and shareholder agreements, buy outs, and secondary funding.