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Contract Review

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In many business situations there comes a time when a relationship or transaction needs to be set down in writing. Contracts are an integral part of business relationships throughout the world. This is no less true in China. Chinese contracts are drafted everyday for many different purposes. A main hindrance to the foreigner doing business in China is the inability to read a contract he is expected to sign. Even if a translation of a Chinese contract is produced, the contract is sill written in legal terms. And complex legal minutia can fill many of the pages of a China contract. For this reason, it is often advisable to retain legal counsel that is fluent in Chinese, English, and legal terminology in both languages.

At China Law Service (Wuhan) Limited, we can produce a Chinese to English translation of a proposed contract. This translation will be carried out or modified by a China lawyer who is fluent at English. By doing this, the rights and interests of our clients will be best guarded. Possible issues that they would be on the lookout for in a contract between a Chinese and a foreigner would be conflicts of law issues between China and another jurisdiction, unequal rights between the two parties, and possible legal ambiguities that could lead to unnecessary litigation in the future. These are just a few of the issues to look out for regarding Chinese contracts.

People in or out of China may sign property leases, vehicle and equipment leases, advertising agreements, web site development and maintenance agreements, banking documents and numerous other contracts in the usual course of business. Retaining a China lawyer can make these contracts simple and easily understandable. The China lawyer may help you with the clauses like negotiating the terms, identifying the parties, completing all blanks, allocating risk, indemnification provisions, warranties, representations, events of default, rights and responsibilities, remedies provisions and so on.

It is always wise to have a competent legal professional review any document before signature. This is true especially in China where a Chinese contract is written in Chinese script. Failure to retain competent legal advice before signing a Chinese contract could lead to unforeseen legal consequences befalling the foreign businessman in China. Please contact China Law Service (Wuhan) Limited for more information about Chinese contract review.