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Due Diligence

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We have ever handled so many fraudulent trading or investment cases in which the foreign partners have all been defrauded or scammed by their Chinese partners. The reason is all the same that the foreign partners failed to conduct background check on reliabilities of their Chinese partners, which could have been easily done before the transactions. We call this background check ¡°Due Diligence¡±.

If you want to do business in China or cooperate with a partner, due diligence is an essential step before you go further, and China Law Service (Wuhan) Limited can offer professional due diligence report to you in accordance with your typical needs. We can deliver highly cost effective solution to the problems of getting behind glossy presentation and cultural confusion to see the real quality and position of the other party of your business or transaction. The staffs with China Law Service (Wuhan) Limited have more than 20 years¡¯ experience in China company research, investigation and commercial analysis sector. They bring experience and knowledge to the presentation of China company information.

China Law Service (Wuhan) Limited can research and report on any company in China to the depth required. Information from which selection can be made includes: corporate details, including export license details, business operations, history, strategic or political factors, international connections, financial status, reputation, rating and overall assessment.

Our research facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and other major cities in China are well-established businesses. They combine an extensive and painstakingly constructed contact network across China with the China company registration authorities, with good experience in ¡°live¡± company research through identifying and interviewing knowledgeable individuals concerning any company. This latter capacity is essential in an environment where even data formally collected by the local authorities may not always be entirely trustworthy.