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Work Permit

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In order to work in China, the foreigner shall obtain the Certificates of the People¡¯s Republic of China Permitting the Employment of Foreigners.

Foreigners meeting one of the following qualifications can be exempted from certificates of permission and employment certificates: 
(1) Foreign experts and management personnel engaged with funds directly from the Central Government or with funds from State organs or institutional units, foreign experts and management personnel with senior professional titles or certificates of special skills acknowledged by authoritative technical management departments or trade associations of their home countries or international organizations, and foreigners carrying Certificates of Foreign Experts issued by the Administration of Foreign Experts. 
(2) Foreign laborers with Permits for Foreigners to Engage in Offshore Oil Operations in the People's Republic of China who are engaged in offshore oil operations and do not have the need to land, and who have special skills. 
(3) Foreigners putting on art performances of a business character on the strength of Permits for Temporary Performances of a Business Character as approved by the Ministry of Culture.